Tony Duvert

Tony Duvert, French author (1945–2008), is known for his violent, often pornographic, fiction and provocative views on the family. Between 1967 and 1989, he published fourteen books of fiction and essays, garnering praise for their innovative writing style and shrewd, satirical wit. His novel Paysage de fantaisie (Strange Landscape) received the Prix Médicis in 1973.

S.C. Delaney has translated, with Agnès Potier, Tony Duvert’s prose collections Odd Jobs and District (forthcoming from Wakefield Press). Their work has appeared in Gargoyle, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Animal Shelter, Gigantic, Fjords Review, and Fiction International.


an excerpt:

It’s a Prisunic grocery bag, or a shoebox, or a plastic cachepot; in any case, it’s a container. It’s full and covered with dust. You unfold a newspaper you no longer wish to read, on it pour out the basket-container’s contents.

The streets are empty. As they always are, for the old men and women, early in the afternoon, peer behind their curtains, knit, read the morning paper. The stores are closed; no one walks along the street. No one taking advantage of what meager sunlight there is.

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