Allan Peterson

Allan Peterson is the author of five books, most recently Precarious, 42 Miles Press 2014, a finalist for The Lascaux Prize; Fragile Acts (McSweeney’s Poetry Series), a finalist for both the 2013 National Book Critics Circle and Oregon Book Awards, and multiple chapbooks, including Other Than They Seem, winner of the 2014 Snowbound Chapbook Prize forthcoming from Tupelo Press. He lives in Ashland, OR and Gulf Breeze, FL

Three Poems


We may refer to a heart not the muscle
or nightingale
which doesn’t even live in America
but love’s expression
through peptides as a kind of cloud
into which we “fall”
and out of

We may prefer the imaginary
to the body we live in
be simple minded despite the facts belief
though simple and fact are equally in question

The world works apart from descriptions
Once I would have said despite them
but our illusions influence the world

We can believe in a stability
based on threes and nines and certain shapes
all the while holding brick walls
and angels in the same hand

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