When Literature and TV Collide, and Join Forces

July 31, 2015

Something I have noticed about television shows is that their writers like to work literary references into the shows. I haven’t watched all of TV–there are too many channels, plus I have a job, so I can’t talk about the subject comprehensively. There are three shows I have watched all or some of, though, that make references to literature. They are all different from one another. …

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Announcing our Pushcart Prize Nominations for 2012

December 7, 2012

By now you probably know that Issue 2 is available for sale on our website! If not, please visit our Contributors page and purchase the issue as a PDF or pre-order the print version, which is printed in San Francisco and ships on January 5th. I am pleased to announce our Pushcart Prize nominees for 2012. Fiction “Drifting Fortunes” (which you can read in its …

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