Cool Literary Magazine Subscriptions For About 3¢ a Day

April 19, 2016

Do you have a permanent address? Are you interested in discovering new writers or even old ones? Do you want to read some literary journals and literary magazines, but are you not willing to pay hundreds of dollars per year for magazines you don’t even know if you’ll like? Here are some places where, for the price of a carpentry nail or one piece of Bazooka bubblegum …

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What to Read: For People Who Work on Literary Magazines, and People Who Want To

April 14, 2016
Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 10.36.00 PM

Working on a literary magazine is an inconsistent effort. I have found that, in my role as the editor of The Cossack Review—I am the nonfiction editor, and also the editor, generally, the person who started this magazine—there are days and weeks full of busywork, envelope-stuffing, website-making, and tedium so repetitive that I can’t think of a good way to describe them, other than maybe “brain salad.” There are …

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November 15, 2015

Whenever I go to a book fair or a convention to sit or stand behind a table and tell people about TCR, person after person asks “Where are you guys based out of?” Usually when someone asks this question, they want to know what college or university backs your literary magazine. They might just want to know where, geographically, your magazine is based, but 9/10 times they’re …

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Summer Reading

September 22, 2015
Karin Jurick

Fall is here. The weight of our own mortality complements the length of our shadows. Pumpkin spice pop-tarts and gingerbread shoelaces for breakfast, dead-leaves-and-butternut-squash casserole for dinner. What did TCR staff read this past summer, aside from thousands of submissions? ❧ I’m a big believer in the therapeutic benefits of sunlight and, because I live in New England, I take warm weather very seriously. I began the …

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Editors Behaving Badly

September 3, 2015

Several magazine and press editors have gotten themselves into trouble lately—on and off social media—for making ugly remarks, for being dismissive, for backpedaling on questionable decisions, for embarrassing their past contributors with these decisions, for flaunting their positions of power and belittling the concerns of underrepresented writers, for ignoring or for failing to encourage diverse voices in their publications. These editors are in serious trouble, …

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Links, August 4 2015

August 4, 2015

The purpose of a public intellectual is to be curious, to think and express oneself clearly, and by doing so help others think more clearly as well Ian Buruma interviewed at The Pen Ten   You can’t hear Keats if you don’t know that he was a Cockney, you can’t comprehend Wordsworth’s rhymes if you hear him as a BBC announcer. Don Share interviewed at …

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When Literature and TV Collide, and Join Forces

July 31, 2015

Something I have noticed about television shows is that their writers like to work literary references into the shows. I haven’t watched all of TV–there are too many channels, plus I have a job, so I can’t talk about the subject comprehensively. There are three shows I have watched all or some of, though, that make references to literature. They are all different from one another. …

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