Contributor Interview: Taylor Lorenzo

September 7, 2016

Issue 7 Preview 1 of (?)

September 7, 2016
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It’s almost fall. It’s also nearing time for the next print issue of The Cossack Review. Here’s preview 1 of (?).

We are reviving a segment called 5 Questions for 5 Poets. The 5 poets featured in this issue are: Kazim Ali, Stuart Barnes, Chloe Honum, Laura Mullen, and Benjamin Myers.

Just for fun, here are 5 quotations without context, in no particular order, and without attribution.

1. “I will go on learning to read it forever.”
2. “I like books that speak in tongues.”
3. “I’ve made a habit of carrying around drafts with me.”
4. “brew tea, make toast.”
5. “men with bad suits and worse intentions”

I look forward to sharing the full interviews with you.

Randall Weiss
Interviews Editor

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