June 2015

“Leave People.”

June 9, 2015
You have given yourself your word and there is no retracting it. Leave people. If to get the solitude that is necessary you must go into a washroom, go there, lean against the wall and write. Write as you write in the morning, anything at all. Write sure or unsure, hurriedly or blank verse; write what you think of your employer or your secretary or your brother; write a short story synopsis or a fragment of dialogue or a description of someone you have recently noticed.

— Louise Bogan

From Louise Bogan’s “Managing The Unconscious,” in A Poet’s Prose

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Contributor Interview: John Poch

June 3, 2015

This is the first interview in a new series between our contributors and Outreach and Interviews Editor Brian Kornell.  John Poch’s poem, “Learned Looks,” appears in our Spring 2015 issue. John is a professor of English at Texas Tech University. His fourth book, Fix Quiet (2014), won the New Criterion Prize.   – Brian Kornell: What draws you to write poetry? – John Poch: The love of language. …

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Impossible Heap: Thoughts on Speedboat

June 2, 2015

SPEEDBOAT, by Renata Adler Reviewed by Mike Nagel Speedboat came to me at a time when the narrative of my own life was unraveling. I would roll the book up in my back pocket and read it in this little park across the street from my apartment. Haggard Park. I would read by the concrete pond. I remember it being hot so it must have …

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